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Avidly strengthens Nordic cooperation

Avidly in Denmark, Norway and Sweden are now merging into one unit to strengthen customer deliveries in the three countries.

As independent departments, Avidly in Denmark, Norway and Sweden have already worked closely together, each with its own management and delivery organization. However, the Norwegian and Swedish departments have had a jumpstart on the new structure and have functioned as one unit for a year. Now it is time to incorporate the Danish office as well and create Avidly Scandinavia. 

Today all units across Avidly - Finland, Germany, UK/Canada, and the Scandinavian units - already work closely together on customer projects, and the new structure will only strengthen the cooperation. Avidly's CEO, Jesse Maula, explains the background for the change:

"By uniting the three departments, we will have a larger and more effective delivery organization, where we can more easily utilize specialist competencies across borders. We see a great demand from international customers to get help in several countries simultaneously - and often across the Scandinavian borders. Of course, we already help lots of customers in this way today, but with one large department in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, we have an exceptionally strong foundation.”

From 19 September, Avidly Scandinavia will have a new Country Manager.

Kristine Hansen, who until now has been Country Manager for Avidly in Norway and Sweden, steps into a new role as Director of HubSpot Services for Avidly on a group level. She will be responsible for developing Avidly's HubSpot-related services. She will play a key role in ensuring that Avidly maintains the status as HubSpot Global Partner of the Year that the agency has won for the past three years.

Avidly Denmark's current Country Manager, Jytte Kammersgaard Müller, has decided to seek new challenges outside Avidly.

As is the case with Avidly in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden today, the new Avidly Scandinavia unit will be reported under Avidly’s international operations together with Germany, UK, and Canada in the Group’s financial reporting.

For more information, please contact:
Jesse Maula, CEO at Avidly , +358 40 5480248,