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Avidly’s new strategy: International growth and strategic partnerships

Avidly Plc's Board of Directors has approved the new strategy for company. Avidly is heading for strong growth both organically and through acquisitions.

“More than ever Avidly is a growth company. In addition to our rapid internationalisation, we want to be a pioneer of digitalisation in our field of business”, says Jyrki Vaittinen, CEO of Avidly.

The new strategy rests on two strong pillars:

1) Avidly aims to substantially grow its services based on HubSpot technology both organically and by means of acquisitions on existing markets (Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark), and by expanding into selected regions, mainly within Europe.

2) In Finland, Avidly continues its organic growth as a marketing agency offering a comprehensive range of services and serving customers throughout the country. The company focuses on offering continuous, comprehensive marketing services to medium-sized companies and individual marketing services to large enterprises.

The company’s business will be divided into these two business areas and reporting segments.

International growth in inbound marketing

Within Avidly’s Inbound Marketing business area, Avidly is focusing on offering services and integrations built around the HubSpot platform. HubSpot is a market-leading technology platform that consists of tools for marketing, sales and customer service. Avidly is one of the world’s largest partners offering services around the HubSpot Software.

Avidly Inbound Marketing is a data-driven and customer-centric growth agency empowering its customers to optimize their growth. Company will focus on improving it’s market position within the Nordic countries, as well as expanding the business outside the Nordics. The business area is ambitiously targeting rapid international growth, both organically and through acquisitions.

“We will be growing in the Inbound Marketing business area by recruiting and training dozens of new HubSpot experts. We have launched substantial recruiting campaigns in all current market areas in order to strengthen our organic growth. Furthermore, we are constantly looking for interesting businesses to acquire, especially in Europe. Our target is to maintain our position as one of the world’s leading HubSpot partner and to gain a very strong foothold in all our selected markets", says Vaittinen.

Towards a strategic partnership in Marketing Services

Avidly’s Marketing Services offers versatile marketing expertise to support its customers’ growth through Finland’s most extensive office network in eleven locations. Avidly aims to develop it’s operations to even better serve it’s customers’ digital needs and even more towards a continuous marketing model that aims at achieving the customer’s strategic targets by means of marketing.

“In our view, the marketing needs of our customers will be even more closely tied to the company’s strategy and, therefore, the marketing partner must be able to offer comprehensive marketing and communications services for executing the customer’s strategy. We believe that the need for a comprehensive, creative strategic marketing partner will increase”, says Jyrki Vaittinen.

Avidly’s Marketing Services forms a unique system where a single partner can provide communications and media agency services, among others, in addition to an extensive range of marketing services.

"In the In the Marketing Services, Avidly will be focusing on the further development and productisation of operating models for continuous marketing services. Furthermore, we are strongly focusing on the further development of our capabilities for digitalisation and delivering services for the needs based on our customers’ strategies.”

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