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5 Ways To Boost Website Conversion Rate In 24 Hours

2 mins read

Desperate to improve conversion? Then we've got a list of different ways you can boost website conversion in 24 hours.

Boost Your Conversion In 24 hours


1. Post on Social Media

Use the social platforms your customers usually engage with. So if Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are your busiest social traffic, then schedule posts throughout the day. If you use HubSpot, you can use the social calendar to schedule your posts.Social media is a great way to attract more traffic to your site, especially if your ideal customers spend a lot of time on social media. Unlike organic search where you usually have to wait for your keywords to increase in rankings, social posting is instant and you can receive instant results.

If you don’t have a marketing software that lets you schedule social media posts, then you can use Buffer or Hootsuite. You can use them for free but you will be limited on how many posts you can schedule unless you pay for the premium version.


illustrated Social Media

On Twitter you can engage with new customers, using popular #hashtags. On Facebook and LinkedIn you are limited to the audience who follows you. But you can sidestep that problem by creating social ads for the next 24 hours.

Whilst creating plenty of social posts will not directly increase conversion, it will get more traffic onto your site and increase the chance of conversion.

2. Have special offers

Special offers are perfect if you want a sudden burst of traffic or conversion.

If your company sells products, setting up a 24 hour sale and promoting it on social media will gather interest and conversions. In the checkout section you should make sure the customer has to fill out their email address. You can keep this and use it in future email workflows to share special offers and information to encourage customers to return to your shop.


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Competitions with incredible prizes can boost website conversion too. People will be more willing to become a contact if they are participating in a worthwhile competition. 

Creating a sense of urgency, like a limited time offer and a special prize can encourage people to act.

3. Send an email to your current contacts

Email marketing still plays a vital role in digital marketing. According to a study by The Relevancy Group, 66% of online customers check their emails multiple times a day.

Creating an interesting email to your current contacts that links them to read relevant articles or see relevant offers on your site can cause a sudden increase of traffic AND increase conversions. If you’re encouraging people to see blogs or offers they think is relevant to their interests, your CTAs will likely be engaging to their needs too.

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4. Try less choices & more white space

 Having too much choice on your site can be confusing to new online visitors. You need to create a clear offer that will entice visitors to convert. Get straight to the point with your content. Most people will spend about 15 seconds on your site before they leave or get distracted. 

Use more white space in your website design . It's easier to read when text is on white space and it avoids making your content look crammed. Your text and images will stand out more against a white space.

See how having more white space in your web design will improve conversion in 24 hours. 

5. Create Relevant and Clear CTAs

One of the best ways to improve conversion on your site is to have clear Call-to-Actions.

Create CTAs that will resonate with the needs of your target market. 

Illustrated CTAs

Your CTAs should be on popular pages of your site. If you’re successfully bringing people onto your site via social media and email, you need CTAs to prompt them to make a specific action and convert into a contact. You can improve conversion of your CTAs by placing them in relevant areas of your site.

All your blog posts should have a CTA that is relevant to the content in the blog. 

If you want to learn more about CTAs and inbound marketing...

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