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How a HubSpot Agency Can Help You With More than Just Marketing

3 mins read

HubSpot agencies are great for adding extra strings to your marketing bow. But, this isn’t all what they’re useful for. HubSpot agencies can help you with more than just your marketing campaigns. But in what other areas is HubSpot beneficial to your business?

Well, this post will outline and explain the different ways in which a HubSpot agency can help you with more than just marketing.


We’ll cover:


HubSpot agencies and their unique platform feature a large set of advanced tools that help your sales team reach new heights and become more developed. These tools have been designed to help your sales team improve their overall communication levels, help them train on best practices to carry out and give your department a great sense of transparency.

Hubspot agencies help your business succeed with the following features:

  • Reporting tools. Your business will want to see traffic data and other analytics segments to measure how well certain campaigns are performing, what isn’t working so well and what needs addressing.

  • Multi-channel communication. You can control your email workflows, social media, website and blog content all from one area. This gives you full control and makes it easier to keep your communication and message consistent across the board.

  • Chatbots. Allow your customers to speak with an automated system that imitates a real-life conversation. Not only do chatbots make the service feel more personal, they allow visitors to receive quick win answers to whatever the questions they may have.

  • Sequences. Hubspot sequences allow you to automate your outreach to prospects and book in more appointments. Emails will be sent out sequentially and automatically halted once the prospect shows enough interest i.e. signing up to a newsletter or booking a demo.

  • Meeting scheduler. Once you’ve got the prospect to agree to a meeting, you need to lock them in as efficiently as you can. Hubspot has a great meeting scheduler that’ll allow you to organise your time in the most effective way possible.

The features aren’t limited to that either. As you can see, HubSpot can definitely broaden your sales teams horizons with the addition of other features, like quote approvals, single sign-on and quota management that can bolster your sales department’s strength.

Customer Service

Your customer service is as important of a department as any, especially when it comes to delighting the client. As you can see from the flywheel that Hubspot has designed below, the customers should be at the centre of everything. Therefore, you need to ensure that your customer service is spot on at all times.

Hubspot-FlywheelHubSpot's new flywheel that killed the funnel. Read more about it here.

Good customer service is what could separate you from your competitors and make your customers keep coming back to your business.

Think of it like this: how many shops, cafes and restaurants do you keep going back to because the service is great and you never feel intimidated by the staff? Every business is the same and a Hubspot agency can help you leave a lasting impression on your customers and even recommend them to a friend or loved one.

According to research, 88 percent of people read reviews to decide on the quality of a local business. Therefore, when a Hubspot agency is able to supply Smart Content and Transactional Emails, and use reporting tools to learn from previous mistakes and prospect trends, they’ll go on to have happier customers.

Hopefully, these customers will leave a positive review of your business, which can then be used to attract new clients and encourage repeat custom.

Hubspot agencies constantly engage with current customers to make sure that the remarkable experience they’re receiving is at the best standard it possibly could be. Agencies allow you to customise different customers experiences on your business’ website so that they can get the best user experience possible. This is a great example of terrific customer service levels that an agency can provide.

How Agencies Can Help

The main way in which a Hubspot agency can help you is by providing you with the relevant expertise necessary to achieve great results. They know what it takes to produce those all-important results that lead to great success within the business. Widespread expertise is a real commodity to have for your business - that’s why Hubspot agencies are renowned for achieving such results.

By working with a Hubspot agency, you’ll be guaranteeing that your site is jam-packed with top-quality content. The inbound methodology is proven to be successful and delivers 54 percent more leads into the marketing funnel than the traditional outbound methodology. This is partially due to the constant stream of Smart Content and the timing it’s released at.

Timing is everything but it can be tricky to know when to send the right thing if you’re not familiar with inbound. This is where HubSpot agencies and the HubSpot platform come in. Both provide you with the right time segments, so you can be sure that you’re approaching your campaigns in the correct way.

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Is Working at an Inbound Marketing Agency for You?

Working within a fast-paced HubSpot agency is a job like no other. In order to be successful, you have to obtain the ability to be able to turn your hand at any task thrown at you. That could range from creating amazing content that will return leads, or aiding our clients with improving their organic search and SERP positions.

In short, agency life is great and it’s incredibly rewarding. But, don’t just take our word for it. Check out our latest vacancies and available job roles and take the first step to joining our amazing team at Digital 22 and along an undoubtedly great career path, you won’t regret it.