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VIDEO FIRST: Want to create a YouTube channel for your business?

2 mins read

If you've ever thought about creating a YouTube channel for your business, seeing countless PinkFong videos, COVID conspiracies and angry FIFA YouTubers has probably put you off at some point. But YouTube has evolved and it's more relevant for businesses than ever before.

In episode two of Video First, Video Specialist, Jonathan, and Digital 22's Head of Growth, Paul, run through their top tips on how your business can take advantage of the platform.

They might not turn you into Dude Perfect or PewDiePie overnight, but their tips and learnings will set you on the path to creating a channel for your business that gets the results you want. Check out their insights by hitting a play button below.



Why YouTube?

Paul and Jon lead the charge for video in Digital 22, for our clients and ourselves. The plan is to use YouTube strategically, rather than an afterthought - so it has just as much importance as Vidyard, HubSpot and SoundCloud.

Here's a quick rundown of what else the guys discussed on this week's episode.

Top tips for YouTube channel success for businesses

1. What is YouTube?

Before you dive in headfirst to create a channel for your business, first you need to understand what it is and isn't. You need to clarify - from your business' point of view - what the platform can do for you. Ask yourself why you'd use it and what the benefit is of introducing it to your video strategy.

2. Have a clear goal for your business using YouTube

Why do you want to use YouTube as a platform for your business? It isn't a get-rich-quick scheme and it isn't as easy as popular YouTubers make it look. Outline your goal and see if YouTube can help you get there.

3. Optimise your YouTube channel

The less effort you put into your YouTube channel (both video quality and the page aesthetics), the less likely it is you'll grow an audience. Keep it tidy, organised, on-brand and useable.

4. Control your brand identity

Don't confuse your viewers by not sticking to a certain format or colour scheme. You need to be recognisable. Put a big focus on your thumbnails, descriptions, video names and the content itself. When a viewer clicks on your video, they need to know it's from you.

5. Be strategic

This goes for titles and your content. Don't make them all random. They need to be keyword-led, helpful and relevant to your persona.

The golden tip...

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. Pick a schedule, stick to it and follow your strategy rather than sporadically posting videos. As long as your channel has a purpose and you keep up with the delivery cadence, you're more likely to succeed.

That's just a top-level overview of the tips Jonathan and Paul dive into. Want to get a deep dive explanation into each one? Including real-life examples and mistakes we've made and how we managed to overcome them? Make sure to hit play to watch the latest episode or listen on-the-go using the SoundCloud button.

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