Making wood the building block of tomorrow’s economy.

Type: Digital Marketing, Content Production
Client: Raute
Deliverables: Web Development, UI / UX Design, Content Production, Copywriting, Campaign Planning, HubSpot, Infographics, Graphic Design

A sturdy leap in digital experience

Avidly was Raute's partner in making a digital experience leap in marketing automation and building the foundation for the company's success for the next decades to come.

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The Case

Raute made a strategic decision to revamp their digital visibility and overhaul their online service. Avidly designed the concept and user experience for the new raute.com. Our team of experts integrated branding, design, usability and functionality serving customers, prospects and Raute's own staff globally.  

The most significant undertaking in the digital revamp process was content production. The highly technical engineering content required a lot of deep knowledge and learning from content producers on the subject of Raute and their wood processing technologies. Most of the content was produced in close collaboration with Raute and several of their content production partners. 

The content production for both the website and campaigns included presenting Raute as a company, technical product and service descriptions, image production and graphic design of 3D images, infographics, icon design and product and line brochures. We wrote whitepapers, expert articles, and produced videos and animations. All this and a little more in just one year. Most of the content was brand new, replacing the old material.

“Digitalisation has reshaped sales and marketing structures, including in traditional industries. For us, marketing communications data provides opportunities to develop our sales. With the help of modern marketing technology, we know what kind of wood processing technologies buyers are interested in and what the differences are in interest around the world. It gives our international sales teams accurate lead information and the abilities to operate in a more customer-oriented manner.”
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The Insight

Technology choices played a major role in designing the digital visibility, functionalities and user experience of Raute. From the numerous platform options, an integration of HubSpot with Crasman Stage Content Management Solution proved to be the best web platform combination for Raute.

In addition, Raute needed a partner to build global marketing campaigns online on the HubSpot platform.  We implemented inbound methodology on the website as well as HubSpot technology in the campaign sites. Avidly’s marketing experts also designed and implemented the integration between HubSpot and Raute's CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics).

Raute operates globally and it was crucial for them to find partners for specific markets around the world through Avidly’s global agency network AMIN.

We helped Raute make a digital leap while delivering on the requirements of the engineering industry. Today, Raute's digital footprint is stronger than ever.


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