Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is marketing tailored to a customer's buyer’s journey. You attract relevant traffic to your website through valuable content and turn them into hot leads through automated and targeted messages. We help you with the strategy to get you started and the ongoing implementation going forward.


Why work with inbound marketing?

The effect of classic offline and online advertising has decreased significantly. In the age of relentless sales pitches, merely shouting your message loudly doesn’t cut the mustard. It won’t get people’s attention. No, in order to get the attention of your audience, you need to provide them with targeted and helpful content.

Your customers do their own research before ever contacting a supplier. Before a sales person ever gets a chance to talk to a potential customer, more than 50 percent of the purchase decision is already made through online research and input from their network.

Inbound marketing is the answer to this challenge. It's about offering valuable and targeted online content that can help and guide customers to make better purchasing decisions.

Inbound marketing creates value for your business in two notable ways:

More and better leads

You can transform your website from a business card to a lead-generating motor that gives you continuous and predictable access to new quality leads. Month after month.

 Thought leadership

When you are sharing the expert knowledge that your business builds on, you clearly show why you are an attractive business partner.

How can Avidly help?

We would like to say that inbound marketing is easy. It would be nice, but it would also be a lie. Going all-in on inbound is complex and time consuming and requires a lot from your organization.

That said, we can help you with everything you need to succeed.



You don’t build a house without a drawing. And if you want to succeed with inbound you do not start without a plan.

When we put together an inbound strategy, we plan concrete activities for the long and the short run.

Based on your goals, we create a 90-day plan, prioritizing the resources to provide the most amount of value in the shortest amount of time. 



Inbound must be built on a powerful marketing automation platform and here at Avidly, we swear by HubSpot. We know the platform better than most, we speak HubL fluently, and we can help you implement the platform quickly and provide ongoing development.

In addition to HubSpot, we have a large array of tools that we put to work in order to optimize your inbound efforts.



Helpful and targeted content is what fuels your inbound engine. Without engaging content that answers your persona’s needs and challenges, you won’t get anywhere.

We can help you produce videos, blog posts, infographics, interactive content, guides and whitepapers, even websites.


What will your team look like?

First and foremost, when working with us you will have an Inbound Marketing Consultant (IMC) dedicated to you. As the navigator of your inbound project, your IMC will steer the ship in the right direction and change course if we find a faster way to achieve your goals. Our IMCs are all highly certified within inbound and HubSpot.

 Your IMC, however, does not walk alone, but draws on a whole range of specialists:

Senior Inbound Strategists: A senior strategist is associated with every project, he or she is brought into play as needed and participates in the ongoing strategy development.

Sales Enablement: Inbound marketing is essentially about sales, and we have experienced advisors ready to help your sales department "work more inbound" to get the most out of your new leads.

Content & Design Team: Our content team  produce both written content and video for you, and our designers ensure that all deliverances are visually appealing.

Web Developers: Our web developers are experts in HubSpot and Wordpress and ensure that the technical platform works seamlessly.

PPC Specialists: We help you with your AdWords and social media advertising.

Integration Experts: Our experts can build integrations between HubSpot and most other systems.

Carl-Emil Poulsen

Going forward?

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