Getting EmPowered with Yamaha

In 2018, Yamaha Motor Europe launched its new European marketing concepts for Yamaha Marine. The new concepts have been developed together with Avidly, who became the company’s lead agency at the beginning of the year. The new “EmPowered by Yamaha” concept brings Yamaha a fresh way to communicate with consumers in a creative, yet simple manner that involves them directly.

 Avidly and Yamaha Motor Europe first started their co-operation with the renewal of Yamaha Marine concepts. “From the very beginning, it was apparent that Yamaha Marine needed a strong main concept for their outboard engines. We wanted to expand Yamaha’s perspective and get the consumers emotionally more involved – while simultaneously keeping in mind that the concept needed to be flexible enough to be used across different markets and channels”, says Avidly’s creative designer Erno Bärlund.

The solution was found closer than first expected. The term “Powered by Yamaha” was already being used in marketing, and with a small change to “EmPowered” it could be smoothly expanded to cover the relevant product range.

"Yamaha Marine products are all about high quality and a passion for water. Avidly has built compelling concepts that reflect everything we want to present to our customers. They truly take our brand to the next level."


 “When you invest in Yamaha Marine technology, you are buying more than just improved performance for your boat. You are also increasing the power of You. It is a statement and philosophy that not only underlines the various technological attributes of Yamaha Marine products, but also involves the consumer with the simple suggestion of empowerment”, explains Yamaha Motor Europe Communication Manager, Renzo Moscou.

In addition to “EmPowered”, Avidly has also designed a “Make Waves” concept for Yamaha WaveRunners. “Make Waves” reflects the unadulterated fun that encapsulates all WaveRunners: the rush of adrenaline, excitement, and raw energy. Furthermore, Avidly has been working on renewing the brand positioning and visual identity of Yamaha-owned boat brands, such as Yamarin and Yamarin Cross.

On top of renewing the marketing concept and co-branding of different Yamaha boat brands, Avidly is also working with renewing the visual identity of Yamaha Motor Europe across the entire European region, while leading the design and communication of Yamaha Marine’s European social media channels.

"We create meaningful marketing for our customers by always keeping them involved in the process.”

— TANJA MARTIN Avidly's Customer Success Manager

 “It has been a great pleasure to work with the Yamaha team. Within a short time span, we have already developed a warm relationship with their team members. Transparency and constant dialogue are always at the core of our working methods at Avidly, and they have also been the main ingredients of success that this relationship is built onto. As with a lot of our customers, we work with agile two-week sprints using only the latest tools available. We create meaningful marketing for our customers by always keeping them involved in the process”, concludes Avidly’s Customer Success Manager, Tanja Martin.