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Wanted more freedom – entered into cooperation with Avidly.

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Type: Integrated marketing
Client: Oslo Business Forum
Deliverables: Sales Enablement, CRM, Web Development
The impact
a brand new website and innovative e-learning platform.

Together with Avidly, Oslo Business Forum reimagined their use of HubSpot, got a brand new website and innovative e-learning platform.

Oslo Business Forum

The Case

Oslo Business Forum wanted more opportunities and to improve the way they used HubSpot. The company had already used the platform for two years, but experienced that they did not take advantage of all the opportunities available in the platform. Therefore, they had started looking for a partner who could help them improve their use of HubSpot.

The solution was a collaboration with Avidly. After only six months, Art Director Lars Erik Fjøsne is happy to share that Oslo Business Forum now works smarter and more efficiently, that the sales department has better processes and that they have a modern website that gives them the freedom they have always wanted.

– The advantage of working with an agency like Avidly is that we have put in place all integrations with HubSpot. Now we work smarter with sales, we collect far more data and we have everything in one system. This makes it possible for us to make better choices in sales processes, says Lars Erik Fjøsne in Oslo Business Forum.

Oslo business forum

The Insight

The starting point of our cooperation was to create a new, modern and user friendly platform and help the sales team improve their use of the HubSpot CRM and work smarter by collecting more data.

Shortly after the new website was ready for launch, the corona crisis hit Norway. As the core of the Oslo Business Forum's business model is large conferences with dozens of international speakers and thousands of participants, it quickly became clear to the team that it would be necessary to turn the ship around to stay afloat. Thus, it was decided that the desire to create an e-learning platform with inspiring content for managers should be realized in record time.

– Avidly was extremely flexible and helped us get this up and running in a very short time, says Fjøsne.

“When we came across Avidly and gained insight into the expertise they have, it did not take long before we had decided to enter into a partnership with them.”

Lars Erik Fjøsne, Art Director in Oslo Business Forum


The Results

  • Modern and innovative e-learning platform
  • A team that works smarter with sales
  • A far more user-friendly website

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