Techtalk hubspot seriees – Why you need Operations Hub?

HubSpot –The future and the new Operations Hub

This webinar was live the 25th of April

Is your company CRM data confusing and complicates processes? Does your company's HubSpot use a lot of automation or have several Hubs and other systems at your disposal? Perhaps your company needs to integrate HubSpot between different systems, or just want to automate the sale of your business, in which case the data should be in order? Then sign up for our webinar.

As a company grows and the number of different SaaS services increases, data is scattered, resulting in inefficiencies and no access to the same data. The company’s various operations such as sales, marketing or customer service become more difficult and inefficient. 

HubSpot's new Hub ensures that all the information that is important to your business is correct and in one place. A powerful database automatically enriched from a variety of sources. 

Webinar agenda:

  • HubSpot’s journey from marketing automation system to CRM platform 
  • What does your Operations team solve for?
  • What is Operations Hub? 
  • Use cases 
  • Q&A from HubSpot

The new Operations Hub enables real-time synchronization of data between different systems. It enables complex integrations as well as keeping company data correct.  


Head of Sales, Avidly // Former Senior Channel Account Manager, HubSpot.

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