Tech Talk: HubSpot series - How does Sales Hub with HS improve sales processes for scaling businesses

HubSpot – Sales Hub

This webinar was live the 24th of June

Is your company CRM data confusing and complicates processes? Does your company's HubSpot use a lot of automation or have several Hubs and other systems at your disposal? Perhaps your company needs to integrate HubSpot between different systems, or just want to automate the sale of your business, in which case the data should be in order?

In this webinar, we will be looking at best practices with using the HubSpot sales tools from the HubSpot Sales team as well as how to get the most from sales reporting in HubSpot.

Who does this address:

Anyone who is using HubSpot sales right now but wants to get more from it and see how advanced users work day to day as well as anyone evaluating CRM's and wants to get a better insight into how their reps can be more efficient. 

Webinar agenda:

  • Walk through how HubSpot uses HubSpot from Tomas Jensen
    How Sales Leaders can get the most from HubSpot with Damien Egan

The Sales Hub enables a real-time flow of data between sales and marketing teams.


Head of Sales, Avidly // Former Senior Channel Account Manager, HubSpot.

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