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Does PPC Work For Tech Startups?

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PPC (pay-per-click or cost-per-click) is a very popular means of marketing online. It gets you ahead in organic search results.

As a brand new company, it takes time for your organic keywords to rise and it’s likely your competitors already have a head start. PPC gives you the chance to get traffic and customers from the beginning. But there are the cons of PPC that need to be considered too; it can be difficult to calculate the costs of your AdWord campaign, for example. So, does PPC work for Tech Startups or should you consider another avenue of marketing?

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The benefits of PPC for Tech Startups

Brings in immediate traffic

When you’ve created a new site for your startup, it will take a while for your keywords to rank in organic search. PPC can help you get immediate traffic to your site.

From the start you can bring in traffic and paying customers. As it’s likely you’re still working on your site, you can see how these new visitors are acting on your site. It gives you a chance to tidy up pages that are causing people to bounce.


Get ahead of your competitors

If your competitors already have high rankings in organic search, it will take you time to catch up and over take. In the meantime, PPC gives you a leg up over them because your ads will be at the top of organic search. Now that Google has removed their sidebar ads you can be confident your ad will be above organic positions.


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The cons of PPC for Tech Startups

Doesn’t always bring the right type of leads/customers

Online visitors are not always ready to buy. Some people who click on your ad will probably just be browsing the web rather than having the intention to buy. It costs each time people click on your ads and it's wasted if people are not buying.


Keyword bids and cost-per-clicks can get quite costly, when you calculate how many keyword ads you have running and how much traffic is getting to your site. As a startup, your budgets are already tight. If you want to use PPC, you need to observe your budget carefully by regularly tracking your performance.

Using negative keywords can help you save money too.

Is PPC for short or long term businesses?

PPC is an excellent technique to use if your startup company is not planning to be around for the long term or only needs a short marketing campaign. PPC can offer fast results when it’s done correctly. However if you have a long term business plan, you should consider other forms of marketing.

SEO optimises your site and helps people find you in organic search results. SEO also helps to improve the navigation and usability of your site - important features when dealing with Millennials.

Having a marketing strategy like inbound marketing helps you build a relationship with your ideal customers by offering them helpful, premium content. Websites need to be helpful and answer the needs of your customer to be successful. Having an inbound strategy lets you nurture your customers with email workflows and focused marketing. Learn how inbound marketing can benefit tech start ups.

PPC can easily be used alongside SEO, social media and inbound marketing, to give you a steady income of traffic.

So, does PPC work for Tech startup companies?

Yes, PPC has lots of benefits for brand new companies. They can drive in quick traffic and bring in customers. It takes time for your new keywords to rise in organic search so PPC can give you healthy traffic whilst your organic traffic builds.

However, you need to understand how PPC works to get the best out of it. Each click is a cost out of your budget so you need to be bringing the right type of traffic to your site, to get the benefits out of PPC.

Find out how much AdWords costs to help you get a better understanding of the budget process.

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