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Is Google Including AdWords Ads In Local Results?

It may have been a test or a phased roll out, but some users are now seeing paid AdWords ads in local results.

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As reported on by SEM, a few days ago, users began seeing PPC ads within their local search box results.

These local results are returned for queries which are looking for a geographically dependent service, but are also applicable for some types of eCommerce sites too when they depend on local searches.

Here's the paid local ad which was reported by the guys at SEM;


Original image here.


There have been lots of small tweaks and changes, not applicable to all users, by Google over the past couple of weeks. We documented some possible algorithm changes by Google in this blog post.

I have been unable to recreate the paid local ad result that was spotted earlier in the week by other users - have you?

And has your Google page changed in line with how some of ours in the office are yet? A couple of us here in the office are seeing the layout on the right in the image below, but everyone else is still seeing the old page layout...




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