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PPC Tips: Understanding Your Quality Score

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Your Quality Score is the grade Google AdWords gives your paid ad. This score will determine the ranking position of your ad in search results and the cost-per-click (CPC). Getting a better understanding of what goes into your PPC Quality Score is important because it increases your chances of getting a higher score, gets you ahead of other competing advertisers and can decrease the costs of your CPC. All good things! Here's what you need to know about ad score and some tips on how to improve yours.


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What is Quality Score?

Google AdWords has its own ranking factors to determine the quality of your ad. 

Previously Google has said they want to get the most relevant search results for their users and this relates to organic AND paid search. 

Having a high score for the quality of your paid ads means your ad will appear higher than other ads who have a lower score. This helps to stop spam ads taking the higher positions and irritating searchers.  

When you're part of a competitive market, it's crucial your score is higher to ensure your competitors aren't getting more clicks than you. 


Why did Google introduce Quality Score? To improve the quality of ads that are listed AND improve user experience. 


The Quality Score Factors For Google AdWords

There are multiple factors that makes up the score of your paid ad:

  • Relevance of your keyword
  • Relevance of your landing page (and quality)
  • Relevance of your ad text
  • Your click-through-rate (CTR) of your URL
  • Previous click-through-rate for other keywords (your account history)
  • How effective your previous ads have been

Google AdWords assesses how relevant your keyword ad is and how relevant your landing page is.

Relevance is key for Google's users as they want to click on the search result that will be most relevant and answer their search query. 


Relevancy Is KEY when it comes to paid ads


Your score is also based on your previous ad history and CTR of your ads. To Google, having a high CTR suggests your ads and website have a successful reputation of attracting new and returning visitors. 


How To Increase Your Quality Ad Score

By improving your ad quality, you can increase the position of your ads and decrease the CPC. You'll save money by making your ads better quality and win a higher position over your competitors. 

Here are some ways you can improve your score, such as:

  • Choose Relevant Keywords: one of the easiest ways to boost your score is to use relevant keywords for your ads. 
  • Improve Your Ad Text: relevant and engaging ad text has a higher chance of attracting customers. Focus on their pain points. By understanding your ideal customers, you can improve the effectiveness of your ads.
  • Add Negative Keywords To Your Lists: it takes extra time but it's worth it. Creating negative keyword lists will exclude keywords that aren't relevant.
  • Optimise Your Landing Pages: Google AdWords doesn't just look at your ad, it looks at your landing page too. Your ad should completely reflect your landing page. When searchers click on your ad, they should land on a web page they were expecting to see, otherwise it will be considered as spam. "It does exactly what it says on the tin" - that's the rule you should follow for your ad!


Save money on your PPC campaign with these tips

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