Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is the brand new star in the business sky that forces companies all around the globe to reconsider the existing sales strategies. By simply having 1:1 personal conversations with prospects, visitors and customers both onsite and offsite we can automatically capture, qualify and connect with people 24/7.


“Conversational marketing is the new way businesses buy from businesses.” 


Great marketing is all about delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. Automated communication has been a key component of that formula for years now, evolving as technology improves. By combining the in-depth and strategic understanding of your customer’s challenges that comes with the inbound methodology, with the best conversational marketing technology, our team can meet your business goals faster while helping you serve customers better than ever before.


How can Avidly help?

On our very first date we’ll discuss your pain points, your goals and what you can expect of implementing conversational to your marketing, sales and service efforts. In this meeting we’ll work together to decide the best platform to use for chats due to your company’s needs. After our first date we’re ready to get rollin’ and start build our relationship further.

We’ll begin by sending out a questionnaire to stakeholders at your company and mapping out your buyer’s journey to fully understand where and how conversational marketing will help you and your customers the most. This includes an analysis of the engagement on your website.

Next, it’s time for a workshop! First off we present our findings from the analysis and a quick recap on conversational marketing fundamentals. Together we’ll create user stories, or short descriptions of a service, as told from the perspective of a person who needs it. We’ll also use role playing to create the right questions and answers and mapping out entire conversations in order to get the language and timing just right. Triggers will naturally prompt each question for smooth, flowing conversations with a chatbot that are hard to distinguish from a live person.

These two first steps will create a baseline for your new conversational strategy. Our team of marketing pros will work with you to create the best strategy for your company to start off your conversational journey the right way and how to handle conversations and set sales enablement between marketing, sales and service.

Finally, we’ll help you to set-up, onboard your team and publish your new bot-colleague in the platform.


Timeline conversational


1. Analysis

We start off by analysing your web, send out a questionnaire and analysing your buyer’s journey to set goals and expectations on conversational marketing for your company.


2. A new colleague

Based on a workshop we will build, form and introduce you to your new colleague - “[Company]Bot” - to remove friction from your buying process.


3. Strategy

The findings and conclusions from step 1. and 2. will create a baseline for the strategy on how your company will work with conversational marketing within market, sales and service.



After a technical set-up and an onboarding in the tool we are ready to go LIVE!



After a month we will make a check in to optimize and make sure we get the most out of the conversational marketing efforts.

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