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Marketing As a Service

Carefree service leasing is also possible in the marketing community. This is what Marketing as a Service stands for.

The outsourcing of marketing provides a customer with the means to achieve – and surpass – the business objectives set for markets. Combining Avidly’s different skillsets into a team that meets the needs of a customer allows us to achieve the best possible development and results. Our operating model saves the customer’s resources and the time they spend in steering service providers.



The Marketing as a Service operating model is a comprehensive partnership in which we move alongside our customer, improving and accelerating business growth together. We make the journey in close partnership, dividing the strategic marketing collaboration into four areas.

  • Everything begins from crystallisation
  • We will polish the brand and strip it clear of anything unnecessary and enhance its effectiveness with a detailed marketing plan. A clear basic message will give us a chance to build creative marketing and media concepts.
  • We will maximise the effectiveness of marketing
  • We will build the best possible bought and earned media visibility within the framework of the given budget. We measure our success and adjust direction on a continuous basis. Marketing as a Service means continuous learning and the active pursuit of emerging possibilities.
  • Even the best plan only works when deployed
  • Production is the most disciplined part of the Marketing as a Service collaboration. Avidly knows how to create contents and apply them on a channel and target group- basis. We continuously assess the topicality and functionality of our produced content. Our advanced production automation frees up resources for development work.
  • Achieving objectives with cooperation
  • When we get to implement marketing as a service, we have the possibility to change the fundamental structures of our customer’s entire marketing concept. We have developed an agile working method in which everything is based on genuine and open cooperation and trust. The work takes place in “sprints”, prioritising the things the most crucial subjects and tasks. This creates a steady rhythm for work that supports continuous achievement. The collaboration is steered by the customer’s designated Customer Success Manager. Our agile operating method is also supported by strategic steering group work.


Avidly has been among the first to offer marketing as a service. Already, about a half of the personnel of our growth company are involved in our service teams on a daily basis. The work of these service teams is characterised by agility, proactiveness, transparency and consistency.

As it often can be difficult to focus on the relevant in the middle of a hectic fuss, it is precisely this systematic approach which releases creativity and enables us to hear even the most quiet and subtle signals.

We would be more than happy to tell you what this could mean to your own organisation.