The future of sales

Wow your customers and close deals faster with virtual reality

Why settle for the traditional PowerPoint presentation when new technology allows you to bring your products to life right in front of your prospects?

VR w SynergyXR

Extended reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality is the future in both sales and onboarding.

With these technologies, you can engage with your clients in a way that goes beyond graphical illustrations or long videos.

You can be inside the product, you can visualise beyond imagination, and you can take control of the way your customers perceive your products or process.

In this webinar, we team up with our customer SynergyXR to give you a peak into the future of sales - a future that is already here.

We will show you a better way to bring your products, ideas, and solutions to life. How meeting with your customers in a virtual meeting space – that you can design just the way you want – gives you the power to create a memorable customer experience that’s simply not possible with online or in-person meetings.

Wow customers and close deals faster with virtual reality!

So, why should you participate in this webinar?

If you sell or produce complex products that often need a bit of explanation when you communicate with your clients, customers, or end-users, this webinar is for you.

If you want a sneak peek into what SynergyXR is all about, check out this video: 

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  • Introduction to SynergyXR and Avidly
  • The challenge with selling complex products without VR
  • The definition of VR, AR & ER
  • Examples of how to use this new technology in a meeting with customers
  • Onboarding and training with VR
  • How to get started
  • Questions

Your hosts

Jesper Toft, Head of Sales Enablement & CRM at Avidly

Corey Morris, Chief Marketing Officer af SynergyXR

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